9pm media is a communications agency. We strategically develop and implement communication projects. Within our 360-degree approach, we provide all services: press releases, social media, video productions, media collaborations, the creation of printed products, and tools for customer retention. We love to design and realise classic and digital campaigns. Together with our partners, we are happy to put together a complete package, but also offer many individual services. Our philosophy: we are not just good, we are better.


Our portfolio includes the following categories:

Media Relations

A perfect communication package, tailored to the right target group, is a guarantee of success. We know exactly what is required when it comes to creating media and information material, how and who to provide with access to this material, and how to evaluate the result subsequently. We actively contact the media and, thanks to the relationships we have established over the years and our wealth of experience in the media, are able to position and oversee partnerships accordingly.

  • Creation of media and information texts
  • Customised creation and maintenance of distribution lists and information distribution
  • Active media contacting and query processing
  • Topic management
  • Negotiation and supervision of media cooperations
  • Documentation and evaluation
Social Media Management

Our heart beats for social media, this is where we are at home. It is hard to imagine PR without social media these days. The opportunities to use social media channels to position content, and to establish and consolidate a public image are greater than ever. This makes it all the more important to ensure that these channels are maintained continuously. Whether Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – you name it, we frame it! From developing a strategy and generating content, to daily maintenance – we provide total support for your channels and generate followers, either with or without ads. In doing so, we use appropriate design tools and keep abreast of the latest trends.

  • Development of creative social media campaigns. For individual channels or 360-degree cross-channel campaigns
  • Individual strategy development for greater awareness, more interaction, and bigger range
  • Development of campaigns, influencer marketing, and social ad activities
  • Design and editing of social media channels. Our creative ideas generate awareness of your brand and products. We develop editorial plans, create content and implement ideas visually and graphically
  • Daily community management
  • Regular analysis of own and rival channels

Digitalisation may be forging ahead at pace, but there is still great demand for “real” printed products. Whether a book to mark an anniversary, a monthly in-house newspaper, a glossy brochure for customers, or pages for a magazine or newspaper packed with editorial content and images: we produce an end product ready for the printing press.

  • Conception and implementation of all forms of printed products
  • Creation and delivery of finished content for magazines / commissioned productions
  • Development and composition of new printed titles
Coaching, talks and workshops

Working with the media is becoming increasingly extensive, complex and important. What does professional media work entail? What material must you supply the media with, for them to do their job? How do you give a good interview and convey the desired information? We help you, as a company, athlete or artist, to perfectly assemble your media package and to always cut a fine figure in interviews – whether in front of the microphone or the camera.

  • Interview training
  • Social media presence
  • Trend research – agenda setting
  • Basics of PR work
  • Print journalism
TV, film and photo productions

Together with our partners, we design, develop, plan and implement TV, film and photo productions. Films and photos define and influence brand identity. Different channels (TV, cinema, social media, etc.) require customised approaches. We develop the perfect idea for your target group. The higher the quality of the images, the greater the probability of them being used by third parties and your product, company, or you yourself, being brought to the fore. We use the latest techniques, select the right stylistic devices and formats, and take your production to the media.

  • Conception and implementation of clips
  • Documentaries for media institutions and companies
  • Pre-production and post-production
  • Consultation and production service
  • Development of image films
  • Creation and maintenance of photo databases
Media Events

Nothing is more annoying than a delayed or poorly organised media event – whether it be for media representatives, journalists or interview partners.

We plan and organise your media event, from finding the right location and managing invitations and participants, to on-site implementation. We are only too happy to conduct and present press conferences, as well as to look after journalists and take care of distributing content to the media.

  • Planning, organisation and running of press conferences and media events
  • PR at trade fairs and events
  • Presentation of media events
Web Design

Thanks to our reliable partners, we are able to offer you tailored websites. We do the editing, select the photos, design the graphics, and monitor all the service providers and partners involved.

  • Development of websites
  • Implementation of web apps
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